Several networks are already on FreeCast’s MAP, with more to come at NAB 2015.

FreeCast Inc recently announced their plans to mimic the big cable and satellite distributors online as the primary content aggregators for a new generation of web-delivered television, and the television networks are already starting to signal that they’re on board. In Rabbit TV’s newly announced MAP business model, networks keep 100% of their ad revenues, and can also elect to offer some or all of their content via pay-per-view or premium subscription-based options. FreeCast is able to do this without interfering with the content in any way, resulting in minimal effort needed for content providers to get up and running on Rabbit TV.
“Right now you can flip on the TV with no specific show or network in mind, and surf channels until you find something you want to watch. In fact, about 50% of North American TV viewers spend over 10 minutes just looking for something to watch, and believe it or not, that’s where a lot of any given program’s audience comes from! On the web, you’ve got to work twice as hard to get those viewers to come to you deliberately, rather than by chance from adjacent channels. Rabbit TV Plus takes what would otherwise be a big challenge for TV networks today, and turns it into a turnkey opportunity for them instead.” CEO William Mobley said, citing his company’s ability to deliver millions of viewers, largely composed of the growing cord-cutting demographic.
Multiple networks that have debuted online services have already expressed interest FreeCast’s media aggregation platform. Many more are expected to do so when Mr. Mobley and other company executives travel to Las Vegas for the upcoming National Association of Broadcasters Show next month. From their booth and suite, they’ll be touting the advantages of Rabbit TV Plus to consumers and content producers alike, as well as debuting new products. As more networks begin to move forward with online strategies, Mobley is making it clear that they will all have a spot on FreeCast’s proverbial MAP.
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