The aggregated interactive media guide finds itself among four finalists to be awarded on March 16th at the Connected TV World Summit in London

FreeCast’s online media guide has already been recognized by consumers, having sold over 4 million subscriptions since launching as Rabbit TV in 2013. After several big updates to the service, the world’s leading online TV experience is more capable than ever, boasting over 350,000 TV episodes, over 200,000 movies, more than 1200 streaming channels, a full calendar of live events on the web, over 75,000 radio stations, music videos, games, and more. Thanks in part to FreeCast’s rapid and constant improvement as resulted in the company’s nomination and selection as one of four finalists for Best TV/Video Service Launch or Update at the Connected TV Awards 2016.
FreeCast CEO William Mobley commented on the company’s nomination: “For years now, our company has been a little under the radar, largely because we’ve been building for the future. Well, that future is here. The moment we’ve been working in anticipation of is upon us and now so many people are blown away by what we’ve built and how ready we are for the new environment in the TV business. Being recognized for awards like these is just one more validation that the world is now finally ready to embrace all the exciting things we’ve been working so hard on.”
The celebrated online media guide has been a work in progress since 2012, built in anticipation of an era in which television would be delivered primarily, not by long-ubiquitous cable and satellite systems, but via the internet. As predicted by company leadership, the idea of cord-cutting has gone from oddity to inevitability, and the TV industry has struggled to adapt. FreeCast’s platform is revolutionary not just because of what it does for consumers, but because it also allows the traditional media industry to quickly reorient and capitalize on the new landscape in the industry.
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