Rabbit TV, with an audience of almost 4 million, offers an unprecedented look into the viewing habits of TV Everywhere subscribers.

OTT Audience Data from Rabbit TV
The television industry has struggled to adapt to changing consumer habits, as more and more viewing taking place online and on mobile devices has made audiences difficult to quantify. But with nearly 4 million members accessing content through their Media Aggregation Platform, FreeCast has been able to capture and pair advanced demographics of users with detailed data on their viewing habits: precisely the information sought by networks and studios. Following feedback from content partners at the National Association of Broadcasters Show in Las Vegas, FreeCast is announcing plans to make this data available.
Rabbit TV Plus allows users to browse and navigate any type of content that they want to see, from re-runs of an 80s sitcom to last night’s season finale, even live events. Because users can access content from thousands of sources all from within Rabbit TV, click tracking enables FreeCast to offer a complete view of audience behavior that no other media company or research firm can. This includes every piece of information of value to networks, content providers, and advertisers, from detailed demographic data on viewers, to what shows and movies are most popular, as well as more elusive data such as what website, service, or device users are accessing content from.
FreeCast CEO William Mobley explained this value proposition upon returning from the NAB Show in Las Vegas: “As we explained Rabbit TV Plus, everyone’s face just sort of lit up, because we can basically do online what Nielsen has done with TV set audiences for over 50 years. On the web, that’s the Holy Grail. Online audience numbers are just a black hole right now, that’s why ratings are down across the board. Even the most popular shows risk being canceled because networks can’t tell how many people are really watching.” Despite making strides, even Nielsen continues to struggle figuring out how to incorporate online viewing into their long-relied-upon ratings, frustrating networks and studios who then had to work with incomplete data. Now FreeCast is offering exactly that missing piece.
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