Data from Rabbit TV serves as a welcome alternative to unavailable web numbers from Nielsen.

After announcing intentions to answer the call of its content providers for more reliable data on OTT audiences, FreeCast is finally releasing its first report. A freely and publicly available Baseline report will provide an overview of the demographics of OTT viewers as well as their viewing tendencies. More detailed and specific reports will also be made available to FreeCast’s content partners each month moving forward. Together, these reports will allow media executives to make better-informed programming decisions, with newly available data from OTT services.
The reports for FreeCast’s content partners will consist of important insights currently unavailable from Nielsen or a network’s own analytics. This includes details on where viewers are coming from, and where they’re headed when they move from content to content. FreeCast is able to offer more reliable data by measuring audiences across multiple content sources including Free VOD providers (YouTube, Crackle), subscription VOD services (Netflix, Hulu), Pay-Per-View sources (iTunes, Amazon, Vudu), TV Everywhere services (Networks like CBS, FOX, TNT, Viacom channels, etc.), and cable providers (Xfinity On-Demand, Dish Anywhere).
FreeCast CEO William Mobley talked about how these new reports fill in a missing link for programmers. “Traditional TV is only half of the equation today. The other half is now online. And on TV sets, no one can do what Nielsen can, that’s why they’ve been the one for 50 years now. But online, we intend to be the ones that can do what no one else can. We’re on all devices, we allow users to access all of their favorite sources. Our data together with Nielsen’s will give media executives the clear full picture that they need to more forward confidently.”
As the media industry faces renewed urgency to move online and recapture revenues lost on cord-cutters, having reliable and actionable data is critical. With these new reports, FreeCast is making sure that its content partners no longer have to make programming decisions blindly. Those interested in receiving these reports may register at and download them.
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