A streamlined UI brings a host of improvements and new features, making cord-cutting easier for everyone.

FreeCast is announcing today that they’ve nearly completed the months-long rollout of their new universal “SmartGuide” UI to users of the company’s flagship SelectTV service, and white label partners. The overhauled interface is designed to allow subscribers to get to their favorite content faster, while making all of the processes associated with using the service and setting it up on all devices much easier.
Improvements include:
·       Streamlined navigation and site layout for faster access to TV shows, movies, channels, radio stations, and games.
·        A step-by-step “Wizard” for connecting SelectTV on PCs, Macs, and mobile devices to televisions and other displays.
·       A subscription manager allowing SelectTV to search and filter available content based on consumers’ subscriptions to SVOD and cable/satellite TV services they may already have.
·       SelectTV’s Pay-Per-View Deal Finder, offering price comparisons from multiple providers of the latest movies and TV shows for rental or purchase and download.
·       Enhanced search functionality, providing more detailed and accurate results based on titles, descriptions, genres, actors, and key words.
·       A plethora of “under the hood” improvements and fixes, making the entire site and service faster and more reliable.
FreeCast CEO William Mobley explained the goal of the site’s redesign. “If you have cable TV, with hundreds of channels, that ‘guide’ button on your remote is essential. But if you source your TV from the web, you have thousands of times more content, and no guide to help you navigate it all. That’s what we bring to consumers with SelectTV. Our SmartGuide is just as easy to use as that button, and that’s what makes it something that everyone can take advantage of on all of their devices. Cord-cutting isn’t just for the gadget geeks or penny pinchers anymore; it can save everyone hundreds of dollars, and with SelectTV it’s easy too.”
Over the past month, all SelectTV users have been upgraded to the new interface. Rollouts to co-branded and white label services utilizing FreeCast’s Cloud Entertainment Platform are set to be completed by the end of the month.
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