FreeCast has unveiled at CES its own set-top box for delivering its OTT video service. The box is due to hit big box retailers early this year. FreeCast’s Select TV service will offer over 350,000 TV episodes, 200,000 movies, 1,000 web channels, local OTA channels from the major networks, a full calendar of live events and concerts, over 50,000 streaming radio stations, music videos and games, with a range of free, pay-per-view, and subscription options, for a basic fee of USD 2.99 per month.
The device comes with features similar to other DVRs on the market such as Tivo, including an app and download manager, screen casting, HD multiplayer gaming, tools for web browsing, word processing and email, support for external and cloud-based storage, as well as integrated home security and automation services.
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