US streaming TV start-up FreeCast plans to offer its Select TV service in all 210 US TV designated market areas (DMAs) with an STB costing less than a typical monthly cable bill and access to hundreds of thousands of TV episodes, films, radio stations, live events and streaming channels for USD 2.99 a month. Users can add more content on a pay-per-view basis. The company unveiled its Select TV box at the NAB trade fair.

FreeCast describes its service as “Uber-style” and as “The Smartest TV Ever”. Select TV offers full DVR capability, a TV tuner to receive live local broadcast channels with an HDTV antenna, Wi-Fi connectivity for web browsing and e-mail, integration with popular apps and screen casting.CEO William Mobley said Select TV’s approach was different from other tech companies because it sees itself as an agnostic media aggregator, with much free content and allowing users to pick exactly what they want, rather than using a virtual pay TV model relying on the old cable sector approach of getting customers to sign up for expensive bundles.
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