CEO Bill Mobley says great demand for Select TV is turning the highly anticipated product into a platform.

The interest in FreeCast’s Select TV has exceeded all expectations, prompting the company to open up the unique device and service pair to other manufactures in order to help meet demand. On the heels of the OTT Executive Conference in New York, and on the eve of the TV of Tomorrow Show in San Francisco, FreeCast CEO Bill Mobley is crossing the country with that big announcement in tow. Select TV combines FreeCast’s massive online guide of movies, TV episodes, live events, streaming channels, radio stations, and more with cutting edge hardware, boasting a plethora useful features, including a built-in TV tuner for receiving live local over-the-air broadcasts. Now this combo of hardware and software, serving as an alternative to costly cable TV subscriptions, will be making its way onto devices from other manufacturers as well, creating an entertainment platform that can be pre-loaded onto other set top boxes, streaming sticks, and smart TVs of all kinds.
FreeCast CEO Bill Mobley explained how Select TV has evolved during the product’s development process. “Select TV started as our attempt to create the perfect all-around internet TV experience, looking not just at content, but at the hardware, the customer experience, everything, resulting in this device and service. The interest we’ve received has totally exceeded what we expected: consumers want the box, and device makers want to be able to offer the Select TV experience on their devices as well. Our efforts have always been about creating an agnostic entertainment platform for consumers, not simply selling hardware, so we were delighted to work with these manufacturers to allow them to do that.”
Selling nearly 4 million subscriptions to Rabbit TV, the world’s largest and most comprehensive online media guide, the industry has taken notice of FreeCast, making the company’s Select TV product one of the most highly anticipated this year. Eager buyers have shown that they’re looking forward to seeing it in their homes as well, regularly inquiring about its arrival. With so much consumer interest surrounding the hardware and manufacturer interest in the software, deals with third party device makers will help the company meet the unexpectedly high demand for Select TV, by putting it on a wider variety of devices and ultimately making it more accessible to consumers.
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