During the 2016 Olympics in Rio, FreeCast plans to aggregate content from hundreds of global providers into a single over the top (OTT) stream. The American digital media distribution company will be using its new Select TV platform to aggregate multiple sources of free content for each of the events into a single streaming hub.
The Select TV set-top box, which was launched at CES 2016, will act as a free guide to the 2016 Rio Olympics, featuring coverage of every game from over 150 international streaming broadcasters.
By delivering the games via the internet, FreeCast hopes to avoid the challenges faced by local and regional broadcasters delivering content via linear channels. If multiple events are occurring at the same time, they’ll all be available for viewers to choose from.
Games that might not air on US television, such as early round match-ups between other countries, will all be available to watch at any time of the day or night from any device or location.
FreeCast was already involved in streaming content from the 2012 Olympic Games four years ago. Speaking to TV Technology earlier this year, FreeCast’s communications director Kevin Speedy called his company’s proposition “an ‘old-school’ TV guide,” which connects to online sources, including OTT sites and broadcasters’ websites.
“Broadcast content is a big part of our offering,” Speedy said to TV Technology’s Gary Arlen. “We don’t license anything; we are not a library. In addition to the VOD available via our service, for our users who want to access their local broadcast stations, we send them HDTV antennas for free (customers pay for shipping). When that local programming becomes available OTT, we’ll be first in line to offer it, but in the meantime, a good old-fashioned antenna is a cheap and easy answer.”
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