FreeCast’s latest deal brings on board a FAST channel from a company with a track record of OTT success. 

FreeCast is announcing a deal with Wondrium to bring True History to SelectTV. Described as a FAST channel like no other, True History is the latest Free Ad-Supported Television channel to join the lineup of free channels available to SelectTV subscribers at no additional cost. 

SelectTV is FreeCast’s aggregated streaming service, bringing together both linear and on-demand video from free and paid sources across the web, and putting them into a single guide, accessible across multiple devices.  

With premium content from Wondrium, the company’s recently rebranded global streaming platform for lifelong learning, TRUE HISTORY is a free 24/7 streaming linear channel geared towards history enthusiasts and those with a thirst for knowledge. It features over 650 hours of nonfiction programming that provide insights, context, and deep dives into moments, events and people that changed the world. Every video is led by the world’s leading professors and experts from the most prestigious institutions and partners including Smithsonian, National Geographic, Baseball Hall of Fame, University of Pennsylvania, Harvard University, Georgetown University, and University of Oxford. 

FreeCast’s Vice President of Digital Content and Channel Distribution, Tracy West, discussed the value of the channel to SelectTV: “This is another great channel. It’s top-quality content, from a company that knows and is successful in the streaming space. That’s a recipe for success on SelectTV as well, and it’s another channel that our users will love.”