A case has recently been brought to the Supreme Court that may result in reduced censorship of broadcast networks, which means we may begin seeing bare breasts, F-bombs and intense violence on networks such as FOX, ABC and other popular TV networks in the near future.
On Tuesday, the top entertainment providers in the industry, led by FOX, brought forth a First Amendment case arguing that in today’s world, where the internet allows easy access to countless unregulated cable channels and lewd websites, it no longer makes sense for the top cable networks to be so heavily censored and policed by the FCC.
In a relatively surprising move, the Obama administration has developed a partnership with socially conservative groups such as the Family Research Council and Morality in Media in an attempt to combat the efforts of industry big-wigs and maintain broadcast networks as a “safe harbor” for children and family-viewing.
The Supreme Court’s ruling is expected this summer, but even if the FCC’s regulations are deemed unconstitutional, it will be some time before we see the effects. Analysts predict that the introduction of content previously deemed inappropriate would be gradual, with viewers seeing more and more nudity and profanity as time progresses.
For now, with the case still in its earliest stages, all we can do is wait and see how things progress, but in less than a year’s time the presence of F-bombs and exposed melons may very well become an unavoidable fact of everyday television programming.