This morning, Amazon announced Fire TV, a $99 set top box that does streaming video and gaming.  Instead of using your remote to punch in one letter at a time of a show title, you just speak into your remote. Fire TV recognizes what you’re saying and instantly serves up the results.  The usual suspects including Netflix &  Hulu have made here way into this “Advertising & Selling Device” .
From our perspective, this is yet another device. We are focused on the development of the One World Media Platform. Our vision is stream all of the world’s content from one place. Every year there is a new gadget to purchase in order to keep up the the trends  and this becomes a costly contest. Our platforms approach  is a revolutionary disruption to the television industry.

There have been some positive and negative comments coming from the public regarding this product. Only time will tell how  beneficial consumers will find the Amazon Fire TV to be.