SelectTV delivers thousands of TV shows, movies, radio stations, and more from over 150 countries.Access thousands of curated channels with the latest episodes from top international networks, and even view concerts, sports games, and other live events directly from SelectTV’s browser interface.
With your subscription, you can access more than 300,000 TV episodes, 200,000 movies, 50,000 radio stations, and 5,000 live channels on one easy-to-use interface. SelectTV’s gigantic library dwarfs other streaming services, and its intuitive interface makes switching between programs a breeze.
A 1-year subscription to SelectTV normally retails for $46.80 AUD, but you can get a year for only $24.70 AUD [$19 USD]. If one year of SelectTV isn’t enough for you, you can also get a 3-year subscription on sale for $63.70 AUD [$49 USD].
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