Global Partners

FreeCast is seeking International Curation and Distribution Partners!


We are looking for online media, TV, entertainment, celebrity, news, sports outlets/distributors. FreeCast will partner with one global media partner per country to distribute SelectTV abroad. FreeCast is the world’s largest virtual MSO, connecting consumers with the content they want to watch at the lowest possible cost. Our service updates over 2 million links a day, giving users all of their options to watch their favorite shows, movies, channels, live events, music videos, and more, easily and legally, for just $2.99 USD a month.


With 4 million subscribers across three brands in the US, FreeCast is looking to expand its footprint internationally by partnering with local bandwidth operators and media companies to distribute our flagship SelectTV service.

Here’s how it works:
  • You sign on to become an international content and distribution partner.
  • We work with you to create a page specific to your national market and audience.
  • You sell subscriptions to SelectTV online and maintain a curated homepage of popular content.
  • You procure and resell local advertising, premium pay channels and pay-per-view events and movies.
  • We handle all site maintenance, bill, and customer support.
  • We provide online admin access to track traffic, sales, and partner earnings.
Our service is also available as a licensed co-branded product or white label service, which telcos and TV operators can deploy as a part of their own packages.
To get started and partner with FreeCast, send an email to: