Today’s much-watched Apple press event, where the company was expected to announce more details on the upcoming Apple Watch, was joined by a somewhat unexpected guest: HBO. CEO Richard Plepler took the stage, announcing the upcoming launch of HBO’s standalone streaming service, HBO Now, and that Apple would be the service’s official launch partner. That means that the HBO Now app will launch first on Apple devices and the web, before coming to other platforms at a later date.
While an actual launch date remains elusive, Plepler confirmed that HBO Now would launch in April and in time for the premiere of the next season of Game of Thrones, the network’s biggest hit show. As expected, a subscription will cost $14.99 per month, but those who sign up in April will receive a free month of service. And parent company Time Warner is expecting a lot of signups! Pelpler stated that the target of this service was the 10 million US homes without pay-TV subscriptions, but once pay-TV is no longer required in order to subscribe to HBO, many more, possibly millions are expected to abandon cable and satellite all together.
Signups for the service have not yet begun, but those wanting to join the HBO Now mailing list to be notified when the service is available may do so on their website.