The Los Angeles area is currently served primarily by Time Warner Cable, and despite a laundry list of gripes with Time Warner, a vocal group in LA want to keep it that way. In other words, they do not want their (relatively) beloved cable company’s merger with Comcast to proceed. But many areas served by Time Warner Cable haven’t exactly rolled out the welcome mat for Comcast, the LA area in particular has some unique reasons for their position. Usually concerns about poor customer service top the list of reasons to keep Comcast out, but in the hometown of the nation’s TV and movie industries, the economic impact of the merger poses a far bigger risk than missed installation appointments or hours-long calls to customer service.
The Writers’ Guild of America, The Greenlining Institute,, Public Knowledge, and other Hollywood-based groups have joined LA area representative Tony Cardenas in calling for the rejection of the merger proposal. Not only would a combined Comcast and Time Warner Cable have the ability to raise prices on customers, by controlling such a large segment of the US pay-TV market, they’d also be able to bully TV networks and content creators. No other cities would feel the effects of that more than LA would, where that reduced revenue would equal job losses, wage reduction, and less spending on content production. Hollywood joins California sibling Silicon Valley in making a strong, unique case against the big cable merger.