It looks like ‘House’ will no longer be a home for Hugh Laurie, who recently announced that he and his fellow producers have decided to make Season 8 their last. After 177 episodes, Dr. House will finally hang up his coat and march off into the setting sun. Laurie has also announced that he will be retiring from TV after the show’s finale.
Though some may call the ending premature, it seems more likely that it came at the perfect time. All too many shows (both today and in the past) overstay their welcome, running their premise into the ground and ruining the memories of the times when the show was fresh and truly enjoyable. By leaving the scene early, ‘House’ will leave in its fans a sense of longing that makes for a truly memorable series. The show’s producers themselves put it best:
“[We] have always imagined House as an enigmatic creature; he should never be the last one to leave the party. How much better to disappear before the music stops, while there is still some promise and mystique in the air.”
You can watch full episodes of ‘House’ on the Fox video channel.