The newly released results of a customer satisfaction survey are predictably dismal for the cable giant.

As it comes time for the city of Philadelphia to renew their franchise agreement with Comcast, a survey was commissioned to assess the city’s service needs. After keeping the results of the survey under wraps, at least from the public, for over a year, the results are finally in. Unsurprisingly, the results weren’t pretty for Comcast. But what was perhaps unexpected is how poorly Comcast’s service in Philadelphia, where Comcast is headquartered and enjoys plenty of tax breaks and other perks, to other markets served by Comcast.
In Philadelphia, Comcast services were significantly more expensive than in four other metro areas served by Comcast, while customer satisfaction was lower. 1759 of the Philadelphia residents who participated in the survey also provided additional written comments, which revealed many common themes. Among them: high prices, lousy customer service, poor reliability, and lack of competition. 99% of the comments received were unfavorable.
Unfortunately for the residents of Philadelphia, Comcast’s franchise agreement is almost sure to be renewed without much objection from city leaders, despite the company’s poor performance in a survey intended to assess the city’s needs. Mayor Michael Nutter has long been one of Comcast’s chief cheerleaders in their ongoing quest to acquire rival Time Warner Cable. To the city’s political leaders, Comcast’s financial success has made them a hometown hero of sorts, with plenty of political clout. Residents are rightfully worried that the city will blow this one rare chance to slow skyrocketing prices or demand other improvements.
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