FreeCast CEO and Streaming Media Pioneer William Mobley shares his thoughts on the cord cutting revolution and how consumers are contending with the current landscape.

Mr. Mobley has been in the streaming media business since 1998, where his company served 800,000 viewers a day popular motion pictures to their desktops and ultimately was on the forefront of digital video technologies.
FreeCast was established in 2010 to meet the scenario that exists in 2019, fragmented content silos and legacy media companies that don’t “get it”. With FreeCast’s SmartGuide technology, consumers are able to find all of the video entertainment in one simple app/website. This approach gives consumers what they want rather than what the existing media companies are trying to force them to get used. FreeCast and Cut The Cord are synonymous, and with William Mobley as a visionary, the company is set to stay ahead of the curve.
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