Will we be seeing another incarnation of MTV hit ‘Jersey Shore’ taking place in South Boston? Well, 495 Productions, the same people who gave you a window into the splendor that is Jersey Shore, are set to produce a new TLC series called ‘Southie Pride’ (working title), which will follow the lives and drama of five women from South Boston.
Though it sounds like a similar premise to the ‘Jersey Shore’, that’s not quite the case. Rather than focusing solely on clubbing and random hookups, the new show will be a bit more mature than its MTV counterpart. ‘Southie Pride’ will instead focus on the featured women’s struggle to support their families and take care of their loved ones. Of course, given the unflappable pride South Bostonians are known for, there’s sure to be plenty of drama and inter-character conflicts (not to mention those wicked awesome accents).
So far, the show is still in its casting stage, but TLC has reportedly already ordered eight episodes, with the series set to premiere this Fall.
Do these guys have another hit on their hands, or is their new show destined to be a flop? Let us know by leaving a comment below.