Technology has great potential to make our everyday lives a little bit easier. But sometimes the rapidly advancing technology that’s intended to add convenience ends up becoming quite complicated. While it’s relatively easy to come up with some new way of doing things, the most celebrated innovations are the ones that can return simplicity to otherwise hassle-inducing improvements. Look at a company like Apple for example. The iPhone was not the first smartphone, but while others were complicated and impractical, Apple’s product was more approachable and easy to use. And even as competitors pack more features and better hardware into their devices, Apple maintains a loyal following because it creates a good user experience while requiring minimal effort.
Perhaps no technology has both improved and complicated life on this planet more than the internet. While we have more information, more data, more content at our fingertips than ever before, it’s spread across so many millions of sources that even knowing where to start looking can be a challenge. If you thought thumbing through a 20-book set of encyclopedias was tough, finding something specific online can sometimes feel like looking for a needle in a haystack.
Cord-cutters know this all too well. The vast amounts of content available on the web has made it possible for many households to ditch pay-TV entirely, getting their content on the web instead. But while it’s possible, for most, it’s anything but easy. For just a handful of shows on your must watch list, you could have to browse through multiple different websites and apps, each with their own unique interfaces and organizational schemes. It’s almost hard to believe that that’s the technological improvement over punching in a channel number on a remote.
Rabbit TV Plus was born from this very observation. Two years ago, we didn’t set out to build yet another VOD library. Starting with the Super Bowl and the Olympic games in 2012, our mission has always been not to give some users a limited selection of content that they may or may not like, but to make it easier for them to get all the content that they know they love in one place. We simplify the daunting challenge of cord-cutting or even just trying to watch your favorite TV content on other devices, by putting all of those vast online sources of content together in one easy to use interface, and making it available across all of your devices. Rabbit TV Plus takes the hassle out of trying to find media online.