The parent company of Rabbit TV Plus and SelectTV is not affiliated in any way with and plans to pursue legal action against owners of the infringing website.

FreeCast Inc, the company whose SmartGuide software powers numerous consumer-facing web television brands, including Rabbit TV Plus and SelectTV, is not affiliated with the operators of, and asserts that the site violates their registered trademarks.
Having recently dealt with similar infringement by another firm, FreeCast has consulted with its legal team and is preparing legal action against the operators of
“Our name being on this site is undoubtedly confusing for consumers. In addition to the use of our trademark, we vehemently oppose illegal streaming of all kinds and cannot allow an operation of this nature to be associated with our brand.” FreeCast CEO William Mobley said.
The term ‘FreeCast’ is a trademark of FreeCast Inc, registered in 2015 and in use since 2011. The company opposes all unauthorized use of its trademarks with other products, services, and websites.
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