It’s no secret that Millennials have been slow to embrace pay-TV, and cable ratings have been slumping across the board. But despite the dismal numbers from traditional television, young consumers are watching more video than ever. More of the viewing that used to take place on the tube is instead being done online, on a multitude of other devices. According to NBCUniversal’s Alan Wurtzel, “The use of streaming and smartphones just year-on-year is double-digit increases.”
But as viewing moves to new devices, it seems like the TV is being left behind entirely, with some millennials now living in zero TV households. Considering that they spend so much time on other devices with large screens that are able to pull videos right from the sources where they prefer to watch, through apps for YouTube, Netflix, and other video services, it makes some sense that the television set itself is falling out of favor, since most lack access to any of these without help from additional devices.
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