As other networks rush to offer their own OTT subscription streaming products, MSNBC has turned to Facebook to host two new shows, which will debut on the social network. The shows, dubbed “Sound Off” and “FacePalm” will be posted in the morning and the evening, focusing on the day’s breaking news and most shocking stories. This comes amid a larger strategy shift as the cable news network faces slumping ratings, especially when compared to rivals like Fox News.
Months ago, MSNBC debuted Shift, a 24/7 web-based channel run by the network. More recently, the network canceled two daytime shows hosted by Joy Reid and Ronan Farrow. Being a part of the standard cable bundle has long meant that MSNBC could coast along despite poor ratings, since they could count on per-subscriber fees from millions of cable viewers regardless of whether they watched the channel. But changes in the television industry mean that the cable network won’t be able to survive that way for too much longer, and seems to have given MSNBC leadership a renewed sense of urgency to connect with young viewers and embrace web-delivered programming.