The company’s innovative Cable-like Guide and Unified Payment technology is a convenience and security revolution for new digital media users.
Las Vegas, NV – April 10, 2018 – FreeCast has spent years developing a new Unified Payment technology, and is now announcing new details about how the system will be integrated into the company’s SmartGuide technology platform. By allowing consumers to navigate, personalize, and search all media, including free and paid sources, from a single digital guide, FreeCast’s SmartGuide solves a key problem for consumers and for the industry, by replicating the aggregate cable experience on all devices. And now, the platform does so with secure, centralized payments from a single account, without limiting access to the myriad different online media providers.
In addition to a large, free/ad-supported selection of TV shows, movies, and streaming channels, SmartGuide users already select and pay only for what they watch, choosing from pay-per-view media, subscription video services, and virtual pay-TV “skinny bundles” from popular providers including Netflix, HBO, ESPN, Sling  TV, VUDU, and others. These users will now be provided with a unique Visa wallet card number, which they will use for all paid media purchases and subscriptions, allowing all monthly media spending to be reported on an easy-to-read, itemized statement. None of the confusion or sticker shock typical of monthly cable and satellite bills.
Rather than subscription renewals, monthly fees, and pay-per-view payments being drawn without warning, and directly from consumers’ personal credit or debit cards randomly throughout the month, FreeCast will centralize this process through a single payment system, with added security protections for users’ financial information, available seamlessly through the SmartGuide platform.
Security is at the heart of this new payment system. By using SmartGuide’s virtual wallet, users’ actual payment information will be protected. Because it is not submitted to third parties, SmartGuide users credit card and account numbers cannot be exposed by fraud or hacking at a video provider. Only purchases made through the SmartGuide will be processed with these new card numbers, so even if a number falls into the wrong hands, it cannot be used anywhere else, or even for unauthorized media purchases.
FreeCast CEO William Mobley discussed the importance of pairing convenience with security: “With consumers spending more on digital media, already over $2 billion a month, we’re going to see more of these data breaches. And it can happen, even to big, tech savvy companies: Experian, Yahoo, countless retailers… If one of the big streaming providers gets hit, our customers won’t have to panic or cancel their credit cards. Through our system, they have access to everything they’d see with cable TV and more, all online media sources in a one-stop-shop, now with a simple and secure payment system, and the peace of mind that comes with it. It’s an obvious solution for consumers, and a game-changer for the industry.”
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