NBC’s Fear Factor is notorious for going over-the-top with its gross-out challenges, and anyone who claims to watch the show for any other reason is probably a liar. Despite years of feeding contestants pig rectums and goat bile without second thought, a recent challenge on the once-popular show was a little tougher for studio execs to swallow.
According to a recent TMZ exclusive, the now-pseudo-controversial episode, which was actually filmed last summer, included a challenge where teams of twins were required to drink a full glass of donkey semen to move on to the next round. You would think that would be bad enough, but to makes things even worse contestants had to wash down the viscous fluid with, you guessed it, donkey urine. Only once both glasses were totally drained would the challenge be over and the contestants could move onto the next round.
Evidently, this was just a little over-the-top for NBC execs, who proposed that the stunt be pulled from the show to avoid outrage for broadcast viewers. After countless meetings and re-evaluations, however, they eventually reversed their decision and decided to give Fear Factor producers the green light. Update: After much public outrage, NBC reversed their decision to air the featured episode and pulled it from Monday’s lineup, instead replacing it with the episode from Jan 2.
For those who are curious, sources say that several of the contestants actually did end up swallowing their pride (among other things) and going through with the nauseating stunt. If you want to see it for yourself (not sure why you would, but I’m not one to judge) tune in to NBC this coming Monday (Jan 30th). Just make sure you have a bucket handy…