The National Cable and Telecom Association, a lobbying group representing the big ISPs, has threatened to sue the FCC if Chairman Wheeler’s proposed net neutrality regulations are put into place. NCTA president Michael Powell, a former FCC chairman himself, argued that current proposal marks a radical shift in policy, and inappropriate given that the billions of dollars already invested by the cable and telecom industries were only spent under the assumption that current regulatory regime would remain in place.
Powell was also quick to spin the debate as nothing more than a partisan issue, with the current FCC chairman siding with President Obama and the democrats, who had injected partisan politics into the debate and turning it into yet another political football. But politics aside, the former FCC chairman warned that the new plan was also unlikely to be legally sound. Opportunities to challenge the new rules abound, and it appears as though the NCTA and other ISPs will take every one of them in an attempt to fight off Title II.