U.K. telco giant BT wants to use Netflix to get new customers for its TV service: BT is now offering a bundle consisting of its traditional TV service, its BT Infinity broadband service and Netflix for just £5.99 (about $9.50) a month. Customers also get a free YouView streaming box, which now comes with a Netflix app pre-installed.

The deal is a promotional offer, which means that BT is jacking up rates after six months, but it’s still noteworthy because BT and Netflix are doing something that the streaming company hasn’t been able to do in the U.S. just yet: Customers pay for the Netflix part of the bundle through their monthly BT bill, much like a cable subscriber would pay for HBO in the United States. However, the difference is that Netflix still maintains the customer relationship, which makes it possible for consumers to cancel their service through the Netflix website at any time.
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