Netflix suffered a widespread outage Tuesday afternoon, leaving users unable to access the service, and prompting many of them to take to social media with their complaints. Hashtags such as #Netflix and #NetflixDown began to trend on Twitter, illustrating just how popular the service is, and just how much of an impact it has when the service is down.
Netflix, which is the midst of a global expansion, acknowledged that their service was down for users in North and South America, as well as some parts of Europe. Services were restored to must users in less than one hour, though the cause of the outage is still under investigation.
With cord-cutting on the rise, over the top services have become a primary source of content for many households, making reliability imperative. Those households that rely on a single source can find themselves out of luck if that service goes down. FreeCast Inc’s Rabbit TV Plus is an aggregator, pulling from multiple sources, and thus making the service more robust. If one source goes down, there are thousands others providing plenty of free and pay-per-view content so users are never left unable to watch anything at all. At just $10 a year, it makes a great complement to subscription streaming services like those from Netflix and Amazon, especially during outages.