Netflix’s international expansion continues, and Wednesday the company revealed the next locale on their list: Japan. The company’s expansion into the island nation will mark their first launch in Asia. The Japanese market is seen as a particularly important one, as well as a potential gold mine for the California company, thanks in large part to a relatively affluent and tech-savvy population.
As Netflix gains ground overseas, it’s becoming clear that the popularity of online video, and to some extent cord-cutting, is not strictly a US phenomenon. Great content is not only breaking out of the cable TV bundle, it’s breaking through geographic boarders as well. Demand for American programming has always been strong throughout the world, and interestingly enough, a wide variety of foreign content has found strong following among US consumers, thanks to their availability through OTT services. Netflix could eventually serve as a sort of two way street, making popular foreign shows from these new markets available to US audiences, in addition to making US hits available abroad.
After first entering several European markets, where the subscription video on demand service was for the most part well received, Australia and New Zealand will be the next countries to welcome Netflix in March, with Japan to follow in the fall.