Every month streaming video provider Netflix announces its speed results for the biggest ISPs in the US and other nations. The report is aimed to let customers know why their video may be dodgy and also to praise those that get it right. The order tends to vary each and every time, but there is some relative consistency seen in the results.
This time around, the October report reveals that Verizon Fios remains in the top spot. Comcast also retained its position, though sixth is still not great given the provider is getting paid by Netflix to provide the best service. In between those positions you will find Cablevision, Bright House, Cox and Charter.

Speeds in the US range from Verizon Fios at 3.24 Mbps down to Clearwire at the bottom with 1.06. Meanwhile up north Bell Canada Fiber Optic topped the list, registering a 3.30. Both countries were shamed by the tiny nation of Luxembourg with a top speed of 3.98 average among all providers and Austria which came in with a 4.2 Mbps average.
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