Getting Facebook users hooked on Rabbit TV is expected to accelerate the service’s already rapid subscriber growth.

FreeCast has launched a new Facebook app, dubbed Rabbit TV Lite, making one of the most popular pieces of the Rabbit TV Plus offering available to the public via the social network at no cost. As featured in USA Today, over 500 streaming channels from Rabbit TV will be available through the app, including curated specialty channels as well as live streaming content from the company’s partners. This marks the first time that a part of the premium service has been available outside of Rabbit TV’s $10-per-year subscription.
“Rabbit TV has always been a paid product. Our goal was to keep it affordable at $10 a year, but we consider it a premium service. We streamline the online entertainment experience which is otherwise quite a hassle, and our users pay for that. By making one part of the experience free, we’re illustrating the value of the total package. When people use our new app, they’re going to want the rest of Rabbit TV too.” FreeCast CEO William Mobley explained.
Rabbit TV Lite launches alongside a new free trial offer, allowing users to try the service for 7 days; another first for the product which has soared in popularity despite the required subscription. After already reaching over 4 million users, the deployment of a “try before you buy” offer, as well as a freemium tier via Facebook, are expected to further accelerate sales for the company recently recognized among Inc Magazine’s top 500 fastest growing companies in 2015.