Yesterday morning many Americans woke up and turned on the news, only to find a hostage situation playing out on the opposite side of the globe in Sydney, Australia. Yesterday evening, we learned of a gunman on the loose in Pennsylvania. And today, terrorism in Pakistan grabbed headlines Consequently many spent a good portion of their mornings glued to the TV. Many, but not all. This morning was likely very different for the cord-cutters out there who don’t get the 24 hour news networks with minute by minute coverage of the situation. Some may have found out about the incident from the news paper or the radio, while others would hear first word of it at the office water cooler. For the massive amounts of content offered by Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and others, live breaking news is not among it.
Television has always been one of the ways that people have stayed connected to the rest of the world. With the dawn of the information age and globalization, that interconnectedness has been more important than ever. So ditching antiquated cable TV bundles shouldn’t mean losing one of those key links to current events worldwide. While there are plenty of text-based news sources out there, and of course the ubiquitous din social media. But many cord-cutters would love to have multiple 24 hour news options like the kind they get with cable.
That’s why FreeCast Inc’s aggregator model beats those that depend entirely on on-demand offerings. Rabbit TV Plus users can both keep up on breaking news or just get their daily news fix from one of several 24 hour news networks featured on Rabbit TV, including CBS News, MSNBC Shift, Al Jazeera, Bloomberg, and more. As TV networks of all kind bring content online, the news networks will be among them. While it’s easier and more convenient for most shows to be able to watch them at your leisure on-demand, sports and news in particular benefit more from the linear format. There’s much less demand to watch even a day-old news cast, but when something is going on in the world and news is breaking, people want to be updated as it happens. That’s why linear channels are just as important on Rabbit TV Plus as on demand content. It’s part of what sets Rabbit TV apart as a platform, rather than just another channel.