According to TechCrunch, Viacom-owned Nickelodeon will be launching a streaming service of their own as early as March. The Children’s network will join the likes of CBS, HBO, Univision, and a growing number of other cable networks beginning to offer their content libraries direct to consumers, without requiring a subscription to a cable package.
Previous announcements from HBO and CBS were seen as an opening of the floodgates for other networks to follow suit, and slowly but surely, they seem to be doing so. Nickelodeon’s entry into the SVOD business raises the question of how soon Viacom’s other media properties will join in offering their content online. With many popular networks under its belt, a unified Viacom streaming library could appeal greatly consumers who are increasingly embracing streaming video.
Beyond Viacom, the dominoes continue to fall, with more networks opting to go over-the-top every month. As this trend continues, at what point does it put the traditional cable bundle at risk? Being forced to subscribe to hundreds of unwanted channels is a prime complaint with cable companies, but with services like these, it’s becoming possible for consumers to select and subscribe to only the networks that they want, forgoing those that they aren’t interested in. That alone makes new online offerings from cable networks a welcome sight cord-cutters and frustrated cable subscribers alike.