Nielsen and Adobe Systems have paired up for what they claim will be the first comprehensive, cross-­platform system for comparably measuring consumption of digital-media content — including TV programming distributed online — across the web, apps and connected-television devices.
It remains to be seen how eagerly Madison Avenue will embrace the new service, slated to launch commercially in 2015. So far, the companies have lined up several programmers to participate in the digital-ratings system, including ESPN, Sony Pictures Television’s Crackle, Turner Broadcasting, Univision Communications and Viacom.
The new service is separate from Nielsen’s flagship TV ratings, which serve as a de facto standard for the television biz. Earlier this month, Nielsen suffered a black eye after it revealed that a glitch resulted in TV ratings being allocated incorrectly among broadcast and syndication programming since March. Starting this season, Nielsen is incorporating mobile viewing of TV programming into C3 ratings if the ads are the same as those that run in the TV broadcast.
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