Smartguide is the world’s first Stream-Engine. Smartguide unifies, sorts, and categorizes all of today’s entertainment so that you can easily discover what you want to watch, when you want to watch it.

7 OTT/CTV Media Models:

MODEL: VOD, Video-On-Demand


DIFFERENTIATION: SmartGuide is the ONLY platform that indexes the whole world of subscription streaming that allows consumers to search or discover content across all app paywalls. SmartGuide indexes and deep links to VOD entertainment in one “cable like” guide.

MODEL: Channels (Live, Streams, Curated)

COMPARISONS: Pluto, XUMO, Roku Channels

DIFFERENTIATION: Since heavy VOD streamers also consume a lot of linear television, SmartGuide aggregates free content, whether live or local into surfable, searchable viewing through linear channels. All free content presented in SmartGuide is updated across more than 2 million data points daily.

Free content is supported by using the latest in DAI tech. Using server-side video ad technology FreeCast can stitch (pre-roll, mid-roll or post-roll) personalized ads into a video stream offering national advertisers targeted audiences using household data like lifestyle and viewing habits that maximizes their ad spend ROI (see also cross-network analytics).

MODEL: PPV, Pay-Per-View

COMPARISONS:  Amazon Instant Video, Fandango, Google Play

DIFFERENTIATION: SelectTV’s patented SmartGuide technology organizes all OTT pay per view content into the one easy to navigate search-discover guide and content marketplace. With SmartGuide’s Pay-Per-View Deal Finder all PPV movies and shows can be shopped based on price and provider.

MODEL: Streaming Radio

COMPARISONS: iHeartRadio, Tidal, Pandora

DIFFERENTIATION: SmartGuide also offers a digital audio service with the ability to search and manage any and all free or subscription-based streaming audio available to them.

MODEL: Digital Wallet / Payment System

COMPARISONS: iTunes, PayPal,

DIFFERENTIATION: MediaPay™  is a fully PCI compliant iTunes-like payment system for all media, enabling unified billing and payments for the multitude of subscription media services consumers use. This allows for a single itemized monthly bill, similar to what consumers are used to with cable or satellite services, greatly simplifying the management and tracking of multiple subscription services.

MODEL: Cross Network Analytics

COMPARISONS: Neilsen, Gracenote 

DIFFERENTIATIONWith FreeCast’s GuideView™ analytics we can now measure how people really watch streaming and linear TV  content across different platforms and services down to person-level demographic viewing. 

Using accurate always-on click-tracking measurement we can observe not only what customers want to watch but what they actually watch with cross-content, cross-platform attribution. This enables FreeCast to provide clients with unique insights into consumer engagement while offering advertisers and brands the ability to make better content decisions for specific campaigns. 

MODEL: Narrowcasting Television

COMPARISONS:  YouTube, Twitch, Cheddar, 

DIFFERENTIATION: Freecast can turn your valuable video assets into a Micro-Channel, which is a professional 24/7 linear channel, that can stream on our SmartGuide platform or be syndicated across other major platforms. Using Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) and cue tones, we can insert video advertising that can be addressable and personalized in a 1:1 match to your audience for maximum revenue generation.

MODEL: Identity Resolution

COMPARISONS:  Nielsen, Infutor, Sinclair

DIFFERENTIATION: FreeCast has the ability to fully resolve the identity of any adult consumer in the US by IP address, email address, mobile ad id, mobile phone number and more.

This creates addressable OTT advertising opportunities as well as deeply informing the SmartGuide recommendation engine which personalizes content for user discovery.