You know things are getting bad for cable when even golf, a sport dominated by the older demographic, goes over the top. The PGA Tour has announced a joint venture with Bedrocket to create Skratch TV, an OTT channel focused on, you guessed it, the game of golf. While the golf crowd isn’t known for being the most tech savvy, the move seems to be aimed at attracting a younger fans to the sport. Thus the move is an acknowledgement that the younger demographic that the PGA Tour is targeting simply isn’t being reached by traditional pay-TV.
The new service promises to be “mobile-savvy, always-on, and rapid-fire” as well as “whip-smart, funny, and a little bit brash” further suggesting that millennials are the coveted audience being catered to. The race to reach millennials has little do with their age, but everything to do with the fact that this growing group is more challenging to reach for advertisers that have typically depended on traditional media: ads on TV, in newspapers, and in magazines. As the older generations who still subscribe to these things exit the market, they’re not being replaced by new subscribers, or at least not in large enough numbers. As a result, organizations of all kinds are hoping to create platforms through which to engage younger audiences, many following the models of other companies that have successfully done so, like Netflix.