On Thursday, Sony announced its own internally developed online streaming video service, dubbed PlayStation Vue, set to launch in a limited beta this month. The announcement outlined many of the subscription service’s early details, including a focus on network television, roughly 75 participating stations, and, perhaps most notably, the ability to stream live television. That’s in stark contrast to similar paid services like Hulu, which force users to wait up to a full day for their favorite series to be streamable online.
According to Sony’s press release on the matter, participating stations currently include much of the Viacom family (CBS, MTV, Comedy Central), along with Fox and NBC and some of their subsidiary stations. Currently, the major holdout is the ESPN-Disney family, which also carries ABC; that combination of network hits, sports content, and family viewing will be a major content hurdle for anybody seeing PlayStation Vue as a no-cable, cord-cutting path to live TV.
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