Techcrunch released an article that jump started a debate about the topic of piracy and legality of platforms like  Popcorn Time aka the new Netflix.  Comments became a heated debate over the topic of piracy and the consumer demand for a complete online media library.
From our perspective, we are agnostic in our approach in the content we provide in our media guide. Stealing or pirating content is never appropriate business practice. We gather content on the internet that is legally available and make it easy to access with the Rabbit TV.  We solve the problem for people  who refuse to buy satellite or cable but still want to watch network shows and movies online.
People want the whole world of entertainment to come to them not just a niche selection of it. This demand is sparking a new era for Hollywood and the networks to recognize that they must evolve the partnership with platforms like Rabbit TV to deliver their content. Our belief is that the online audience deserves to experience all the great media & entertainment from around the world no matter the source.