Multi-Dwelling-Unit (MDU)

Our MDU package can be purchased by hotels, HOAs, and many more to provide entertainment bundles to their residents at drastically lower costs.


The Perfect Cable Replacement

With zero infrastructure and equipment costs, we help MDU providers save money while still providing residents with extensive entertainment options, including local channels.


Available Markets

Apartments, Condos, Campus Living

Homeowners Associations, Active Communities, Assisted Living

Hotels, Extended Stays, Timeshares

Bandwidth Carriers, USPs / WSPs, Telecommunication Partners

What’s Included

Value Proposition

Zero Property/Site Infrastructure Costs

We eliminate upfront expenses and installation disruptions.

Zero In-Room/Door Video Equipment

Residents use personal media-enabled devices they already own.

Lowest Cost Structure Available

We provide massive initial savings and annual savings per door.

Easy Onboarding with Residents

Residents use a simple activation code with no installation required.

24x7/365 Resident Customer Support

We handle the customer support so that you don’t have to.

National Consumer Brand

Our product is supported by national marketing through the largest most successful consumer recognized branding partners.

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