SelectTV is our consumer-facing service that aggregates all of the world’s entertainment into a single guide.

Media Aggregation Marketplace

SelectTV brings content providers together into a single device-independent marketplace so that customers can pick and choose the entertainment that they want.

Content partners can integrate their content and get in front of new and untapped viewership while still collecting advertising revenue.

Product Features

Live Streaming Channels

Over 150 streaming cable channels are just one part of the pre-paid annual SelectTV membership plus add cable channel bundles you already own.

Watch on Unlimited Devices

Share up to 3 simultaneous logins with your friends and family.

Manage Your Subscriptions

Merge the thousands of free sources of On Demand content in SelectTV with your own paid subscriptions and build your complete personal guide to all your content.

Free On-Demand Entertainment

Your SelectTV library of On Demand entertainment includes thousands of TV shows & movies.

Pay-Per-View Deal Finder

Search all sources and compare the best prices for live events, movies, TV series, in-theater movies all in one place.

Everywhere You Go

Watch SelectTV at home or on the go with any smart TVs, mobile phones, streaming devices, and laptops.

What’s Inside?

Revenue Sources

Main Revenue

Monthly Subscription Fee
Monthly Add-on Fees

Ancillary Revenue

Dynamic Ad-Insertion Consumption (DAI)
Pay-Per-View Consumption (PPV)
Subscription VOD Affiliate Referrals (SVOD)