According to the Huffington Post, Time Warner Cable and other cable companies are gouging customers on their cable and Internet bills each month. High prices are nothing new, but the New Networks Institute now suggests that something deeper is wrong here, and has started a petition calling upon the FCC and New York State Public Service Commission to investigate Time Warner Cable and hopeful merger partner Comcast.
Comcast and Time Warner Cable both have reputations for customer service that could be considered “poor” at best. But a closer look at a Time Warner Cable bill reveals many more troubling caveats for anyone signing up for services from them. Among the problems are incorrect billing dates, a litany of hidden fees many of which are simply “made up”, insane profit margins, and a final price that is more than double what Time Warner has advertised.
While regulators are currently examining the country’s two largest cable companies because of their proposed merger, consumer advocacy groups warn that there’s plenty more reason to keep a close eye on them, merger aside. Lately the FCC has shown that they’re at least somewhat suceptible to public pressure, with Title II rumored to be a part of Chairman Wheeler’s Net Neutrality proposal. There are certainly a lot of unhappy customers of Comcast and Time Warner out there, as the two cable giants hold the bottom ranks on customer satisfaction polls. Will consumer outcry succeed in getting regulators to put them back under the microscope after the merger issue is resolved?