As FreeCast’s mission to organize the world’s content goes global, Rabbit TV becomes a destination for anime fans worldwide.

FreeCast has announced the addition of an extensive anime section to the popular online video service, amid a push for global content that will bring internationally popular programming across borders. While these animated shows and movies enjoy strong followings around the world, they’re relatively uncommon on television outside of Japan. Recognizing this, FreeCast has rounded up hundreds of the most popular anime titles from all genres, and from a variety of sources across the web including Crunchy Roll, TV Tokyo, Fuji TV, Animax, and more, organizing them within a new section of the Rabbit TV guide for easy access.
“As Rabbit TV goes global, it’s important that we have content with international appeal, and there’s plenty of content from overseas that enjoys a strong following here at home. Anime is a great example of that, so we’re really excited to be able to offer a robust collection of it for our users. This highlights the value of our service to our subscribers, because they’re unlikely to get much of this genre through their cable TV provider.” FreeCast CEO William Mobley explained, hinting that other types of internationally popular genres could soon also find prominent placement on the service.
The influx of anime is just the first wave of international content expected to join more familiar offerings from domestic sources like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Xfinity, YouTube, and more on Rabbit TV. Improvements to the user experience on the web, as well as on Rabbit TV’s iOS and Android apps are also on the horizon as the company continues to bolster its offering with new content and features. With each update, FreeCast is making it clear that its mission to organize online media in one place for consumers does not end at geographic borders.
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