Rabbit TV, a service that handles video streaming, has launched a new app on Facebook (FB) for TV streaming.

The Rabbit TV Lite app allows users to search a huge variety of videos that have been collected from all over the internet. This includes old TV shows, sport events and more. The service doesn’t include newest shows and some of its content is locked behind pay-per view or subscription walls, reports USA Today.

The Rabbit TV Lite app includes 400 different channels with a bar on the left that allows users to navigate it. Being that the app allows users to watch videos from all over the internet, the quality isn’t going to always be HD. However, most of the media through the service is free, USA Today notes.

Facebook users that are interested in checking out the Rabbit TV Lite app can click here. The app requires some basic permissions from users, but it promises not to post anything on their Timeline.
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