FreeCast’s Rabbit TV Plus can hop across borders with ease, bringing together all the world’s media.

While Netflix has been in the midst of a high profile international expansion, Rabbit TV Plus has been silently prepping for a global launch of their own, following its expansion plan announced at NAB 2014. In the coming weeks, the service is set to roll out in 22 new countries, with many more to follow. Though unlike Netflix, which has invested significant time and money into each new nation it serves, FreeCast promises to expand at a more rabbit-like pace.
Netflix must spend hours at the negotiating table, getting rights to local content, as well as additional rights to content already in their portfolio, before they can begin signing up users in a new market. But Rabbit TV Plus already offers a plethora of content from almost every country on the globe, and is frequently taken abroad by travelers as it is. This unique approach of offering everything to everybody means that Rabbit TV Plus will be able to launch in multiple countries at once with little more than the flip of a switch. “Watching Netflix’s moves, we’ve been able to streamline our approach to international markets, and not waste a minute at the negotiating table. We’ve always directed our audience to our content partners, allowing them to determine how and where to make their content available, so it’s very easy for us to take that same service overseas.” CEO William Mobley explained.
FreeCast Inc has strived to create a personalized TV experience, and it’s always been important that it be an experience that Rabbit TV users can take with them, even as they cross international borders. One way in which the company facilitates that is by providing information on VPN products, which will also be available to new international subscribers. Rabbit TV Plus is close to rolling out to users in the UK, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, India, Australia, and several more countries, with another wave of countries to follow at a later date.
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