Rabbit TV Delivers 750 Free Streaming Channels to Chromecast


Rabbit TV Delivers 750 Free Streaming Channels to Chromecast

FreeCast’s marriage of two of the season’s hottest holiday gifts, Chromecast and Rabbit TV, offer yet another challenge to cable and satellite TV providers.


Just in time for the holiday shopping season, FreeCast has an announcement regarding one of the most sought-after gifts of the year. Rabbit TV will now support Google’s Chromecast, with an update to the service’s mobile apps adding a new button that will allow users to seamlessly stream Rabbit TV’s channels and videos to their television set with Chromecast. While casting their videos, users will be able to use their smartphone or tablet as a remote, to browse the channel guide, or even use other unrelated apps without interrupting their video experience.

Rabbit TV Plus and Chromecast are a perfect match for each other. Both are inexpensive products that anyone can use that vastly enhance their entertainment options. Rabbit TV specializes in helping users find and watch any TV show, movie, live streaming event, or video on any of their devices, while Chromecast makes it possible to watch that content on your favorite television set or other compatible display. Together the two represent a powerful pair for any cord-cutter, tech lover, or entertainment enthusiast.

FreeCast CEO William Mobley described the ideal fit that Chromecast represents for Rabbit TV. “Chromecast is a great device; it’s so useful because it’s so simple. Users don’t want it to be complicated. But as a result, it leaves them to answer the question of where to find the content they will watch using this device. Rabbit TV is the perfect companion to Chromecast because it enables users to find millions of pieces of content that they can then enjoy on whichever device or screen they choose. A year of Rabbit TV and a Chromecast device can be had for just $45, or less with holiday specials, and together they can put as many channels on your television as a pricey cable TV bundle!”


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