FreeCast Inc, the world’s largest content discovery and delivery engine, branded as Rabbit TV, today announced massive expansion of its global content offering creating an unprecedented ‘One World Media Platform’ for over 150 countries worldwide. The company’s strategy involves aggregating ALL web-based entertainment content from around the world and providing a universal access point for global audiences on all devices through a combination of international content partnerships, country-specific subportals, and its new online registration system.
This news follows the recent announcement of the company’s 100% revenue share Content Partnership Program, which will accelerate acquisitions of a variety of international content at this week’s NAB Show in Las Vegas, including ad-supported, pay-per-view, and premium channel partnerships.
Rabbit TV’s massive appeal to international audiences has already been demonstrated through its user demographics: this year 3 million units have all been sold exclusively in the United States, however subscribers are already logging in daily from over 150 countries worldwide.
This global popularity is due to Rabbit TV’s robust international offering aggregated in its ‘World Channels’ section. FreeCast is creating country-specific ‘sub-portals’, allowing users worldwide to browse their own multi-language electronic programming guide tailored to their country, including free, pay-per-view, and premium content plus music and gamesthrough the region’s most popular vendors.
FreeCast anticipates rapid global expansion with the launch of its new online registration system, a deviceless version of Rabbit TV that will soon replace the packaged USB device currently at 30,000+ Walmart, Target, Sears, and various retailer locations. Discussions are also underway with numerous global device manufacturers to preload its service.
“The approach we’re taking is virtually limitless with the web, something regional cable or satellite operators could never do. ALL the content, from around the world, regardless if its free or paid, ALL in one place. We are overwhelmed and elated with the amount of content partnerships thus far. It will be amazing to see this major influx of people and content amass into one world media platform.” says CEO William Mobley.