Rabbit TV utilizes gamification to drive baby boomers to new web-based TV and cable games section

ORLANDO, FLA., SEPT. 5, 2013 — /PRNewswire/ — Less than a month after reaching a landmark one million paid subscribers, FreeCast Inc’s Internet TV guide Rabbit TV has announced the launch of their newest loyalty promotion campaign, branded ‘Watch & Play for the Chance to Win $50K Every Day.’ The promotion, which is contained entirely within Rabbit TV’s eMedia guide, is designed to reward loyal subscribers with a gamification-style TV/Movie trivia puzzle, providing a daily chance to win $50,000 cash.

Similar to Publisher’s Clearing House contests over the years, the promotion offers a no-obligation opportunity to the consumer while simultaneously building brand loyalty. The company sees this as a positive strategy to further incentivize its returning users, drive site-wide engagement, and encourage new Rabbit TV registrations.
“Everyone likes to play games for a chance to win cash, and likewise we get to showcase the highly dynamic content offering available through Rabbit TV every day — so it’s a win-win for everybody,” says William Mobley, President.
Another primary goal of the campaign is to introduce and raise awareness of the company’s new interactive web-gaming section focused on today’s most popular TV/Cable shows. These new web-based games capitalize on the media recognition associated with series such as NBC’s ‘The Voice,’ Discovery’s ‘Shark Week,’ and A&E’s ‘Duck Dynasty,’ providing an innovative approach to satisfy a growing market segment of mature (age 35+) gamers, which comprises a large portion of the Rabbit TV subscriber base.
“The TV game-show generation is just beginning to discover their own style of games online, and we’re trying to bring it all together for them in one place — no different than how Microsoft has created a social entertainment network with Xbox Live for the youth audience,” says Mobley.
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