Company creates profitable second life for aging premium content and launchpad for new niche producers

LONDON, March 19, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Amidst TV Connect in London and just weeks away from NAB in Las Vegas, FreeCast’s Rabbit TV makes a historical announcement – it will now begin enabling content producers to tap into its millions of viewers through a newly branded ‘Rabbit TV Content Partnership Program.’
In an unprecedented move, the company will be taking an ‘all-inclusive’ approach to content sourcing, pulling in producers on all levels and allowing them to incorporate their content into the new web-based platform on all devices, regardless of their current video on-demand or live delivery methods.
While countless ITV vendors are offering software solutions to get producers’ content online for a monthly service fee, they are missing the two main elements: audience and paying advertisers. Rabbit TV’s Content Partnership Program provides both and allows producers to keep 100% of revenue with no startup costs.
The company’s explosive growth in the last 12 months has laid claim to a third-place position in the overall Web TV marketplace behind leaders Netflix, whose model is driven by licensing, and Hulu, which relies on partial revenue share from advertisers. By design, both of these premium distributors limit the amount of content available to the consumer.
Rabbit TV, on the other hand, has spawned a third business model by aggregating ALL the content, including a massive electronic programming guide featuring over 100,000 freely available selections coupled with the latest pay-per-view and premium channel choices, creating a potentially unlimited content offering for consumers.
“We want to deliver a single TV viewing proposition online. Regardless if it’s TV shows in syndication, popular movies that are recycling through the networks, or the consumer’s insatiable appetite for new and interesting content, we continue to build our network of unlimited channels that dwarfs the selection of any cable or satellite system,” says FreeCast CEO William Mobley.
Rabbit TV is sold at 30,000+ major retailers including Walmart, Target, Sears, Office Depot, Walgreens, CVS and many others. The company recently announced that it will begin selling web-based subscriptions to Rabbit TV Plus online in the coming weeks.
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Kyle Moulder – Director Of Communications