FreeCast’s online video platform is the Holiday headquarters with specific channels and on-demand content for the Christmas Season.

As Christmas draws near, millions of American families are finding new reasons to gather around the television, as holiday classics begin to take over the TV lineup. But rather than hunting it all down across dozens of channels, each one only offering a little at a time, Rabbit TV Plus has put it all in one place: the Season’s Streaming section. This collection features everything traditionally watched on TV or at the theater during the holiday season: movies like A Christmas Story, to the Festivus episode of Seinfeld, you can now access all of your favorite holiday classics whenever you’d like, rather than waiting for them to air on the networks. In addition to on-demand content, both Rabbit TV Plus subscribers, and users of Rabbit TV’s free apps on Facebook, Android, and iOS will find dozens of curated holiday channels, offering everything from DIY tips hanging Christmas lights or decorating a tree, cooking that holiday ham or turkey to perfection, even a 24/7 channel featuring the old Yule Log.
FreeCast CEO William Mobley explained how Rabbit TV’s approach to television is even easier to appreciate during the holiday season: “The holidays are a great time for Rabbit TV, because we’re able to cater so effectively to the sudden increase in demand for holiday content. For years families have gathered to watch Frosty the Snowman or Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer on TV, but do you know off the top of your head when or where those classics air? That’s why Rabbit TV’s Entertainment experts curate these collections and our streaming channels: to ensure you get the best of what you want to see, when it’s most popular, and without any of the nonsense.”
With the ability to create unlimited channels and on-demand pages, FreeCast isn’t limited like TV networks or other video providers are. This gives Rabbit TV’s talented curators free reign to craft high quality channels for every occasion and interest, with no interruption to other programming. This gives Rabbit TV the flexibility to meet the sudden demand for holiday content around this time of year better than any other TV provider.
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